About us

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation is an independent development organization that is building capacity in over thirty countries throughout the world. Helvetas brings real change in the lives of over three million disadvantaged people every year. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Helvetas implements the MarketMakers project, and since august 2018 the new economic development project “Moja Budućnost” (My Future). The project is supported by Medicor Foundation and Hilti Foundation from Liechtenstein.

According to the World Bank data, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country with second highest youth unemployment in the world – 54,9% of young women and men under the age of 30 are unemployed. Current systems in the country fail to suffice with decent economic opportunities for young people, very often further hampering their chances through education system that is not tailored to current nor future labor market needs. Unfortunately, many young women and men see emigration in more developed European countries as the only solution, which causes unforeseeable socio-economic but also cultural and demographic damage to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Moja Budućnost project aims to contribute to improving economic opportunities and employability in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially for young people, through development of business opportunities at the local level and the improvement of processes and practices in the field of secondary vocational education and training. Furthermore, we focus on adult training and education that is in line with the labor market needs. In its first phase, the interventions will be implemented primarily in the Herzegovina region, specifically in three administrative units of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Herzegovina-Neretva and West Herzegovina Canton and Republika Srpska entity. Certainly, attention will also be paid to the utilizing synergy effects between these and other regions.
What we do?
We analyze the market and identify the root causes behind market inefficiencies. Then, we tailor our interventions to fix those inefficiencies, which we implement together with existing market actors. While our role remains rather facilitative, we encourage and empower existing market actors or help create new ones to efficiently take on these challenges by themselves. By doing so, we ensure that our impact is felt even after the project completion.
Project team
Sven Dominković
Project Manager
“I had an opportunity to live my life to the fullest and my limits were only set by my own wishes, effort, motivation, attitude, passion and decisions. Choices that I made were fully supported by my parents and, more importantly, by the system that surrounded me. It saddens me to know that situation in BiH is not similar. Therefore my enormous motivation to contribute, I hope, to better future here!"

Sven previously worked for Julius Baer, Credit Suisse, Basler Kantonalbank, Axa Winterthur, Audi, BMW and Reebok.
Deputy Project Manager
Business Development and Interventions Manager
Mirza Mujarić
MRM and Communications
After studying far and wide the economic and social phenomena and politics in B&H, I have come to realize that change is possible only if it is directly contributed to. I am fully committed to contributing to employability and empowerment of young people through improvements in their skills and knowledge! "

Mirza previously worked for IFC, Deloitte and CISAR, including also RRPP and Horizont2020 funded projects.
Marijana Aksin Mačak
Finance and Admin
My parents are my inspiration and my children are my motivation. This nurtures my passion to improve the ones around me in globally connected world. Transforming someone’s dreams into reality is a special gift, generously given, happily accepted and deeply appreciated.”

Marijana previously worked for EU project TACSO, EUPM, OSCE, Oxfam, BHWI and UMCOR.
Interventions Manager
Private Sector Development
Project Coordinator
Career Guidance