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Who are we?
According to World Bank data, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the second largest youth unemployment in the world - 54.9% of youth below the age of 30 is without a job. Unfortunately, many of youth and young adults see emigration as the easiest solution. And while brain drain causes immense socio-economic, but also cultural and demographic damage to the country, inward migration causes similar damages to rural areas in favor of urban centers. Helvetas’ project Moja Budućnost aims to address youth unemployment in rural areas, through reviving and establishing economic connections between rural areas and urban centers. Reviving networks of economic roads will contribute to employment, income, training and education opportunities, but also improve business environment and make the voice of youth matter. In the first phase, project activities and interventions will be primarily implemented in identified municipalities (Čitluk, Konjic, Široki Brijeg and Trebinje) in Hercegovina region, while special attention will be given to capitalizing on synergies with other municipalities and regions. The project is supported by Medicor Foundation from Lichtenstein and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation from Switzerland.
What we do?
We analyze the market and identify the root causes behind market inefficiencies. Then, we tailor our interventions to fix those inefficiencies, which we implement together with existing market actors. While our role remains rather facilitative, we encourage and empower existing market actors or help create new ones to efficiently take on these challenges by themselves. By doing so, we ensure that our impact is felt even after the project completion.
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