A step closer to improving the development of measures on field of employment, employability and vocational education at the local level

Given the fact that in BiH from day to day we hear and read in public about employers who do not have a sufficient number of labor for the needs of their companies, while on the other hand a large number of young people and adults in employment offices can not find work from their The Helvetas Moja Budućnost Foundation, in cooperation with the Center for Development Evaluations and Social Research from Sarajevo and local partners, piloted a methodology for analyzing employers’ needs for knowledge, skills and abilities.

The purpose of the intervention is to improve the development of measures in the field of employment, employability, vocational education and adult education in accordance with the needs of the labor market, career counseling and improving the business of companies based on empirical research.

The research was conducted in two units of local self-government – the Municipality of Konjic and the City of Trebinje, and at the cantonal level in Zenica-Doboj Canton.

If we take into account that BiH has achieved a certain degree of macroeconomic stability on its path to EU integration, and that in order to move towards a functioning market economy, it must meet the criteria set by the Copenhagen European Council in 1993, which is that the authorities in BiH must pay special attention to speeding up decision-making procedures and improving the business environment, as well as the efficiency and transparency of the public sector, this intervention of the Helvetas Foundation certainly promises progress in this field.

In order to cope with competitive pressures and market forces within the Union, BiH needs to pay special attention to the low quality of education and insufficient focus on labor market needs.

As many public and internal reports show, in the BiH education sector, there are serious shortcomings that lead to a significant mismatch between the education offered and the needs of the labor market, where the Helvetas Foundation sees room for improvement in this field for which it continuously offers solutions.

The recommendations of the Helvetas Foundation are precisely aimed at analyzing the needs and projections of the labor market and revising enrollment and other policies in this regard. In this context, the need for more effective analysis, monitoring and forecasting of employers’ needs for an adequate workforce is becoming a burning issue.

Publications of the methodological document and findings will follow soon.

A brief overview of the methodology can be found HERE.