05/14/2021 The presentation of the elaboration of the justification of the introduction of occupations in the Public Institution Technical School Trebinje for the occupations of information technology technician, mechanic of mechatronics, pneumatics and hydraulics and electrician – electrician was held on

The event was held “online” to avoid the risks of spreading the COVID 19 virus and was attended by representatives of secondary vocational schools from Trebinje, the RS Employment Service – Trebinje Branch, and the Helvetas Moja Budućnost Foundation and the Development Agency of the City of Trebinje – TREDEA.

The presented studies were prepared by professors of the Technical School of Trebinje, while professional support was provided by the Helvetas Moja Budućnost Foundation.

The studies showed the need for the mentioned occupations in the city of Trebinje, especially the readiness of business entities to accept students for practical classes and to take part in adjusting curricula, training the teaching staff of the Technical School and promoting professional occupations in the final grades of primary schools.

The most important recommendations for the next steps are:

Promote occupations – it is necessary to use the consent of businessmen for additional support in career information;

Review 30% of targeted curricula in line with labor market needs;

Promote the need for the adoption of positive legal regulations governing holiday practice;

Ensure continuous training of teaching staff;

Work on enabling the procurement of missing and appropriate equipment.

Improve cooperation between primary and technical schools, especially in the field of career information;

Further analyze the enrollment policy – omit occupations whose production has increased;

The presentation will be distributed to all relevant organizations and institutions, including representatives of the City of Trebinje, primary schools, the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Trebinje, businesses that participated in the study process, which will soon be published on the website of the Development Agency of Trebinje – TREDEA, Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost and Technical Schools Trebinje.

This is another activity implemented within the project “Efficient connection of education and economy – improvement of practical training in the sectors of catering and tourism, electricity and metal processing in the City of Trebinje”, and is aimed at improving the quality of practical training and harmonization with needs of the local economy. The project is co-financed by the Helvetas Moja Budućnost Foundation and the City of Trebinje and implemented by the Development Agency of the City of Trebinje – TREDEA.