Better practical classes soon with ZDK businessmen

One of the first cantons in which bylaws were passed defining practical classes and holiday practice was Zenica-Doboj Canton. The ordinances starting in 2019 have not been in use long enough to be able to talk about their efficiency and effectiveness in an adequate way, especially due to the suspension of one part of practical classes outside school, due to the epidemiological situation.

However, recognizing the possibilities for improvement, within the project “Synergy to easier employment in ZDK”, the Chamber of Commerce of ZDK, with the technical and financial support of the Foundation, drafted the following documents necessary to improve the process of practical training in business / secondary education, and it:

The drafts were created as a result of the work of a working group consisting of representatives of the companies Arcelor Mittal doo Zenica, Medena commerce doo Tešanj, Pobjeda d.d. Tešanj, Zenko doo Zenica and Mann Hummel ba Tešanj and Mixed High School Tešanj. The work of the group was facilitated by the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of ZDK and the Pedagogical Institute of Zenica.

Adoption and publication of these instruments for better practical teaching with a business entity is expected soon.