A three-day pilot training of mentors of practical classes for students of vocational schools in ZHK was held

From November 30 to December 04, 2020, in Široki Brijeg, a pilot training of mentors for practical classes of vocational school students in business entities in the West Herzegovina Canton was held. The training program is accompanied by a Guide for the training of practical teaching mentors, supplemented by exercises that arose as a need after the DACUM workshop for mentors of practical classes held on November 5, 2020.

During the first day of the training, topics such as the knowledge and skills of mentors, mentoring competencies, phases, and principles in mentoring, and the difference between traditional and modern approach, were covered.

The focus of the second day of training was on interactive work and exercises through which participants got to answer questions such as what are the skills to achieve success in the workplace, critical thinking, and how students of the “net generation” acquire knowledge. Possible solutions to problems in working with adolescents are discussed, as well as the need for mentoring support for the development of motivation and teamwork.

The third day of the workshop was dedicated to the planning, organization, and implementation of work with participants in companies, and the final evaluation of the training.

On the fourth and fifth day, online training was organized, which addressed the needs of professional development and vocational development of mentors, and the importance of improving the competencies of monitoring student achievement.

The training was conducted by coaches Enisa Gološ, Amela Medar, Gracijela Marijanović, and Boris Krešić.