Improved labor market research system in RS

On November 23, 2020, in the premises of the Employment Bureau of Republika Srpska, 50 tablets and power banks were handed over, which will be used for conducting the Employers’ Survey 2020, which is being realized by the Bureau within its regular activities. Researching the needs of the labor market is one of the key prerequisites for the preparation of active employment measures, but also other policies, primarily educational.

Earlier, with the assistance of the Foundation, a research methodology and a survey questionnaire were developed, which will provide information on the needs of small, medium, and large companies for labor on a sample of about 1,000 companies. These activities will significantly facilitate and speed up the process of data collection and processing, while the competent institutions will receive information from the labor market in a short time. Also, the training of interviewers and research coordinators was done through an EU-funded project.