CNC machine operator – occupation of the future, but also of the present

Based on the previously signed Agreement on Cooperation between the City of Trebinje and the Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost, the training of operators for working on CNC machines has begun. This training is consisted of 90 hours of theoretical classes and 150 hours of practical classes and lasts three months.

Different partners are involved in this story. These are Swisslion Industrija alata (Tool Industry) Trebinje, Faculty of Production and Management of the University of East Sarajevo, RS Chamber of Commerce, City of Trebinje, Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Trebinje – which is also the main partner and which researched the needs of the labour market.

Mirko Ćurić, the Mayor of Trebinje, believes that this Agreement is of great importance, especially for young people in BiH: “Specifically for the Agreement we signed, entrepreneurs have committed to employing 10 young people in 2020, of course, those who are trained. In the next period, the City Administration will direct everything towards those people who know what they want, simply who have their ideas, they just need someone to listen to them and put it into practice.”

The manager of the Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost, Sven Dominković, said that “The goal of this project is for young people to get a job after passing the training, in the Industrija alata (Tool Industry) company in Trebinje”.

This is a field of science-based on knowledge of the basics of metal machining and technical culture, mechanical engineering, and automation, informatics. The goals of the training program are to improve the quality and strengthen the capacity of the workforce and competitiveness in East Herzegovina, provide better employment opportunities for unemployed persons that are in the records of the Employment Service of Republika Srpska- Trebinje branch, improve the efficiency of the local labour market and strengthen institutional capacities and network between labour sectors and education in the area of East Herzegovina.