Improving the development of measures in the field of employment, employability, vocational education and adult education

BiH has on its way of EU integrations reached a certain level of macroeconomic stability. However, to move towards the establishment of functional market economy, a criterion set by the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993, it is necessary for BiH authorities to be more committed and expedite decision-making procedures and improve business environment, including efficiency and transparency of public sector. To be able to cope with the competition pressures and market forces within the Union, it is necessary for BiH authorities to be more tentative to the low quality of education and insufficient attention for the labour market needs. As suggested in numerous public and internal reports, the educational sector in BiH is affected by serious shortcomings, which result in significant disharmony between education and labour market needs. The Recommendations are focused on the analysis of labour market needs and projections, including revision of enrolment and other related policies. Within this context, a need for more effective analyses, monitoring, and envisaging needs of employers for adequate workforce has become a burning issue.

Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost, in cooperation with the Centre for development evaluation and social studies in Sarajevo are currently working on pilot methodologies aimed at analysis of employers’ needs related to knowledge, skills, and competencies. The methodology aims at territories of local self-government units – project partners, namely in Municipality Konjic, City of Široki Brijeg and City of Trebinje; and canton levels – through the Chambers of Commerce in Zenica-Doboj Canton and the Association of Herzegovina Entrepreneurs.

The objective of this intervention is to improve the process of drafting measures in the area of employment, employability, vocational training and education of adults in line with the labour market needs, career counselling, and improvement of business operation based on empiric studies.

A short summary of intervention may be found HERE.