Exchange of experiences on the topic Education in accordance with the needs of the local labour market

Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost organized on May 20, 2020 an online exchange of experiences on the topic “Education in accordance with the needs of the local labour market”, with the aim of learning about the experiences from Zvornik, and for the purpose of conducting project activities in Trebinje. The experiences were presented by Jovanka Glisic, assistant director of the High School Center “Petar Kočić” from Zvornik.

The main topics discussed were methods of involving the economic sector in the planning and evaluation of the curriculum of practical classes at the local level.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the partners of the Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost in Trebinje – the Agency for SME development of the City of Trebinje, Centar srednjih škola Trebinje, Tehnička škola Trebinje (two secondary schools in Trebinje), and the Local Chamber of Commerce – Trebinje.

Representatives of the secondary school (Srednja strukovna škola) Široki Brijeg are also included in the exchange as guests, taking into account similar legal preconditions for changes in curricula in accordance with the needs of the local labour market.

Foundation Helvetas Moja Budućnost with its local partners continues to intervene in targeted areas, taking into account the recommendations arising from the discussions and by supporting local solutions.