Mechatronics Technician

Foundation Helvetas Moja Buducnost supported a feasibility study for the introduction of the profession of the Mechatronics Technician at the Secondary Vocational School (Srednja strukovna škola) in Siroki Brijeg. The purpose of the document was to describe and analyze the activities to answer whether the introduction of the profession of Mechatronics Technician in the Secondary Vocational School Siroki Brijeg is justified, whether the school meets the conditions for the implementation of the teaching process and how it would be implemented, what is the current situation on the records of the Employment Service, and how much businessmen are interested in the mentioned occupation.

The starting point for drafting the document was the analysis of the available Curriculum of the targeted profession Mechatronics Technician, as well as legal acts and regulations, pedagogical standards and norms, aimed at establishing the possibility of implementing the teaching process in schools and the economy. Then, a survey of labor market needs and labor market opportunities focused on the target occupation has been implemented, all with a detailed analysis of the current records of unemployed persons of the target occupation registered in the Employment Service of the West Herzegovina Canton. The study contains an analysis of previous activities related to examining the attitudes of students and parents of students towards the new occupation that the school intends to introduce in the next school year, and an analysis of a survey of a representative sample of businesses from Siroki Brijeg, Grude and Posusje. Employers are not only interested in introducing this profession, but they have also expressed interest in having part of the practical training to take place in their companies, and that they will provide support to the school when it comes to equipping cabinets for practical training.

Based on the study, it can be concluded that there are bases and that the conditions for the introduction of a new profession in the Secondary Vocational School Siroki Brijeg have been met, which will primarily enable students to acquire modern competencies according to the needs of the labor market.

Also, the new occupation should provide students with vertical mobility for further education. The introduction of the new profession Mechatronics Technician in Secondary Vocational School Siroki Brijeg met the expressed needs of the labor market for students’ exit competencies and on the other hand the expected demands of students and parents of students to continue their education, primarily employed in the profession.

Foundation Helvetas Moja Buducnost also supported the above-mentioned school with the development of tools for career information on the profession of Mechatronics Technician, based on which young people could be informed and make a decision on choosing a profession.