Building a systematic approach to the labor market through analysis of employees’ needs for skills

Memorandum of cooperation on realization of the Project “Through synergy to an improved access to job opportunities in Zenica-Doboj Canton” was signed on Tuesday, February 11. at the Headquarters of the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), by Prime Minister Mirza Ganić, Director of the Federal Employment Service Helena Lončar, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of ZDK Diana Babić and Foundation Moja budućnost Helvetas Project Manager Sven Dominković. In this way, all stakeholders relevant to the implementation of the project expressed, in each of their respective fields, their willingness and commitment to achieving goals.

The project will provide systematic access to the labor market through a continuous analysis of employers’ skills and knowledge, an evidence-based education and employment policy approach. The ZDC Chamber of Commerce, which brings together more than 250 member companies, will thus be positioned to improve the mechanisms of cooperation between the economy and the education sector, and to offer new services to companies in the Canton.

In regard to signing of the contract with the Foundation, Diana Babic, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of ZDK, expressed her hope that the realization of the planned activities would contribute to the improvement of the quality of Secondary Vocational Education, and provide support to the unemployed for greater employment opportunities, as well as to give employers the opportunity to employ a workforce with the necessary skills and competences.

A project with a total value of 195.643,80 KM will be realized over the next 12 months.