Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum of Cooperation between the Employment Service of Republika Srpska, the Youth Employment Project (YEP) and the Helvetas Moja Buducnost Foundation was signed on Wednesday, January 15th.

The main purpose of the Memorandum is to develop cooperation in the area of the City of Trebinje, in order to create new economic opportunities for young people and reduce unemployment.

The subject of cooperation of this Memorandum covers the cooperation between ZZZRS, the Helvetas Foundation and the YEP Project in the training of internal trainers of the Institute for work with hard-working unemployed persons. The result is expected to be to improve the skills of the employees of the Institute for work with long-term unemployed persons who lack motivation for active job search.

This formalizes cooperation in the field of establishment and support of the Council for Education and Employment of the City of Trebinje. The aim is to increase the capacity of the Economic Council and the Education and Employment Council in activities related to the implementation of a local employment action plan, design active employment measures tailored to the needs of citizens, support in defining enrollment policies or launch initiatives within adult education at the local level.

The establishment and capacity building process of the Education and Employment Council is supported by the YEP and My Future projects.