To alleviate prejudices and change the image of mathematics

Martina Pehar, a student of mathematics at the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Education in Mostar, won the competition of university teams in the preparation and presentation of business ideas – “SBF Start-up Challenge”, and thus received valuable monetary awards that will most certainly help her in her future business ventures.

The world around us is full of business opportunities. Martina decided to solve the problem with discontinuous learning and knowledge gaps in mathematics by launching the „Matka Mathematics School“.

“I’ve been thinking about how to solve this problem for a long time, and I came up with the idea to start a math school. I perfected that idea through the Moja Budućnost project and the trainings that followed it, and I invited my colleague Maria to work together, ” Martina told at the competition.

The primary goal of Martina’s school is to alleviate prejudices and change the image of mathematics, thus helping students learn it more easily.

Martina was a participant in the first cycle of the Opportunity Groups – a series of trainings organized to bring young people around business opportunities present on the local market, and a mentoring process to successfuly implement their ideas. Opportunity Groups were organized within the Moja Budućnost project and implemented by the Social Innovation Incubator „Munja“.

Marija and Martina invite other young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply and show their ideas and win valuable prizes that will help them grow their businesses. Applications for the second challenge should be sent by November 17th to the following e-mail:, while the invitation and forms are available at