Memorandum of Understanding signed with associations i-diaspora and Bit Aliance

“Creating economic opportunities, particularly employment and decent income opportunities is our project’s one of main goals. Hence, cooperation with organizations “Bit Aliance” and “i-diaspora” in line with engaging our mutual efforts and resources towards improving conditions for domestic ICT companies in their positioning on international, and especially Switzerland market. We hope that the opportunities arising from these improved conditions will also contribute to creating better jobs here, especially for generations of young people just entering the labor market.”

Sven Dominkovic, Moja Budućnost Project Manager

On 9 September, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed as part of a preparatory workshop for a B2B event in Switzerland between the Bit Alliance, the “i-Diaspora” Association and the Foundation HELVETAS “Moja Budućnost”. The memorandum was signed by Tatjana Vucic, executive director of Bit Alliance, Edin Dacic, president of the i-Diaspora Association, and Sven Dominkovic, project manager of Foundation HELVETAS “Moja Budućnost”.

Bit Alliance is an association of 58 largest IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, employing more than 3000 people. The core objective of Bit Alliance is to develop numerous opportunities in the IT industry market, which face many obstacles in their growth. In order to develop a positive business environment for the continued growth of the BiH IT industry, the Bit Alliance is continuously working to address the two biggest issuesthat the IT industry faces on a daily basis – a lack of skilled personnel and poorly developed infrastructure in the IT industry, accompanied by a lack of development incentive.

“Collaborating with associations and organizations that have goals complementary to those of the Bit Alliance are of strategic importance to IT companies operating within the Bit Alliance. Creating business opportunities for IT companies in BiH and in the international market is one of the key activities that the Alliance will devote itself to in the coming period in order to enable better business operations in BiH and to present the quality of our companies in the international market. Partnering with i-Diaspora and My Future organizations opens up a wide range of business opportunities mentioned above. “

Tatjana Vucic, CEO of Bit Aliance

The i-Diaspora Association aims to support and encourage the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina by linking BiH Diaspora in Switzerland, gathering and sharing information, connecting actors from both countries, creating synergies, stimulating and promoting initiatives that contribute to the development of social, economic and cultural processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In doing so, the i-platform does its utmost to build bridges between people, professions and common interests between Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Joining forces and opportunities with partners like BIT Alliance and My Future provides a good foundation and instills optimism and hope that we will successfully fulfill our mission, which is to optimally use diaspora’s resources and to expand and strengthen it with such cooperation. The signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Bit Alliance and My Future makes us especially proud considering these two associations as a beacon for their ways and approaches to work, as well as the goals they aim for. Expanding the network within the IT sector and working with young people is a trend that is present both internationally and in Switzerland itself, and we see no reason not to do so in BiH. ”

Edin Dacic, President of i-dijaspora Association