Education for employment – successful stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following the signing of Memorandum of cooperation with Government of WHC (West-Herzegovina Canton) and its office for EU integrations, we organized a study visit for our partners on July 15, 2019. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of WHC, the Office for European Integration of the Government of WHC, the City of Široki Brijeg and the Secondary Vocational School in Široki Brijeg had the opportunity to get acquainted with examples of good cooperation between secondary vocational schools and industry when it comes to education in both the school and the workplace implemented in Tešanj.

Our hosts in Tešanj were representatives of the Mixed Secondary School Tešanj and representatives of the Tešanj economy, especially the companies Mann+Hummel and Pobjeda d.d. have readily and selflessly shared successful experiences with our partners. Particular attention was paid to the results of the project “Technical and Vocational Education in the Municipality of Tešanj – from Good to Better Practice”, which covered a range of activities – from the development of occupational standards and qualifications to the training of teachers of theoretical and practical training.

“Good examples of cooperation between industry and vocational schools can be found in BiH, which underlines the fact that ‘work-based learning’ can be successfully implemented here. We should certainly be grateful for the experiences of Germany, Austria and Switzerland that they selflessly share. However, given the transitional nature of the BiH economy, we should learn from these experiences and adopt those elements that respond to the specific challenges of local contexts. “

Snježana Đuričić, Moja Budućnost Business Development and Interventions Manager