Education for Employment: Memorandum of Understanding Signed in Široki Brijeg

The project “Moja Budućnost”, Government of West Herzegovina Canton and their Office for European Integration signed Memorandum of Understanding on May 15, 2019 in Široki Brijeg about cooperation on the project “Education for Employment”. Co-signatories intend, with join efforts, to contribute to systemic changes in the process of planning the strategic development of education and to improve public-private dialogue in the field of vocational and adult education. Focus will be on sectors having the greatest potential for employment and highest needs for an upgrade of workforce’s competences.

Through this project, we help young people to say decisively:

“My future is a better job. Here! ”

Reports about this event were made by: Radio Široki Brijeg i Radio LjubuškiJabuka.tvširokibrijeg.infoposuš and Dnevni list.

The statements were made in Bosnian-Croatian languages: