First Workshops of Grupe Budućnosti held in Konjic, Široki Brijeg, Trebinje and Čitluk

The first workshops of “Grupe Budućnosti” were held within 3-month training program where participants meet with goals and vision of “Moja Budućnost” project and with each other. Young people expressed their needs, wishes, hopes, plans and showed exceptional motivation. The focus of these first workshops is to raise the level of participants’ (pro)activity with an aim to develop new ideas which would result in a positive story. Special attention is dedicated to the joint development of awareness about importance of investing in oneself and in one’s own potentials and skills. Our “Grupe Budućnosti” are dominated by an excellent working energy.

Here are some of participants’ impressions:

“It’s been a long time since someone stood for the young people like this.“


 “Because of activities like these, my hope of staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina is high.” 

Expectations from Grupe Budućnosti-Čitluk

We are pleased with the interest of young people, and are looking forward to working intensively with them on meeting their expectations