TV Show Dobar dan Hercegovino about Moja Budućnost Project

The representative of “Munja” from Sarajevo, Emir Kustura, and local facilitators of “Grupe Budućnosti”, Martin Ivanković and Franjo Falak from Čitluk, talked about the project “Moja Budućnost” in the TV show “Dobar dan Hercegovino”.

Emir Kustura emphasized how this project was brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina by Swiss Development Agency “Helvetas”. He further pointed out the existence of partners from the local level for specific components of the project (Association for Economic Development “Redah” from Mostar and Social Innovation Incubator “Munja” from Sarajevo).

Local facilitator of “Grupe Budućnosti”, Franjo Falak, said that these groups offer young people a chance to change something, acquire new skills and opportunities and to connect to each other which can, later, ease their job seeking.

Local facilitator of “Grupe Budućnosti”, Martin Ivanković, explained how high schools and Employment Institutes gave an insight into number of young people who could have an interest in this project (after signing agreements with municipalities and cities).