Fantastic atmosphere at INFO days!

Info Days of the project “Moja Budućnost” held in Široki Brijeg (19.02.), Čitluk (20.02.) and Trebinje (21.02.) were platforms for presentation of “Grupe Budućnosti” – unique quarterly programme. Info Day in Konjic was held in December last year. It is also important to emphasize that Info Days in these municipalities and cities have gathered over 200 interested young people. Jan Zlatan Kulenović and Emir Kustura (“Munja” team from Sarajevo) presented and started a discussion about needs, opportunities and trends on labour market, project methodology and were simulating the process of participants’ interaction. Info Days were modus of invitation of young people to action- filling the application form for quarterly program for later formation of “Grupe Budućnosti”. Applications are open until March 3, 2019.