Preparatory meeting with the leaders of the Future Group in Trebinje

Preparatory meeting of the team My future was held on 25-26. January 2019 in Trebinje, with the aim of stimulating creativity and interactivity of the Group of Future. The modalities of program promotion, the formation of the Future Group itself, the specific role of the leader, their preparation, and the creation and adequate simulations are discussed. The fantastic working atmosphere additionally motivated the present, and the project ideas were crystallized. Bearing in mind the excellent energy and cohesion of the group, we expect the continuation of project activities with impatience.

Iva Ivanković, head of the Budućnost Group from Široki Brijeg

“What motivates me is the possibility of creating community positivity and creativity through the interactive participation of all participants.” says Iva.

Vesna Ninković (Trebinje) and Aldin Džino (Konjic), leaders of the Group of Budućnost

“It motivates me to realize that there is a huge untapped potential of young people who are waiting for their opportunity, space and time for full productivity and development. The project approach we have here is something new and I think that this is the way in which problems in the labor market can be objectively identified, analyzed and finally adequately treated by a programmatic approach. I believe that every young man deserves his chance and be able to help them to achieve the same satisfaction I am trying to achieve. ” said Aldin.