INFO DAY in Konjic

On December 27, 2018 at 14:00 o’clock in the meeting hall of the Municipality of Konjic, an Info Day of the project “Moja Budućnost” was held as a first step in the methodology of “Grupe Budućnosti”. Introduction word was given to one of the facilitators of “Grupe Budućnosti”, Aldin Džino, who thanked attendees for their arrival and explained why an Info Day is being held. Then director of partner organization “Munja”, Jan Kulenović, delivered a presentation on the topic related to jobs of the future. His energetic approach had an aim to “awake” participants, motivate them for the subject, and break prejudices about certain professions with an emphasis on jobs of the future influencing new technologies, as well as on artificial intelligence. Emir Kustura, also from “Munja” organization, presented in detail information about the project, goals to be achieved, the methodology of “Grupe Budućnosti”, and ways in which one can apply to the program.

Info Day is an interactive platform whereby 30 participants had an opportunity to find out more about “Grupe Budućnosti” and become directly involved in designing of the process of education and training which will bring them employment. Participants showed exceptional motivation and their interests are directed, dominantly, towards IT and tourism sectors. In the forthcoming period, “Grupe Budućnosti” will be organized focusing on these sectors.